About Hair Again Book by John Kelby

About Hair Again Book by John Kelby

I was desperate to re-growth my thinning hair for many years. I took various pills, special hair shampoos, essences and supplements. I was trying to follow advice from other books, but nothing changed and instead I continued to lose my hair.

When I stumbled across Hair Again book I was skeptical and was just thinking of it as another try. Only then I realized that approach was different. Instead of offering another chemical hair re-growth stimulant, Hair Again took in hands the root of the hair thinning problem. In a few weeks  I started to follow what is suggested by John Kelby at Hair Again book, I noticed that there is much less hair in a shower, but in fact that my hair started to re-growth.  In few more weeks I was absolutely convinced that my hair is re-growing and since then my self confidence that I will keep my hair has been back.   In fact, I continue to follow John’s advice on how to keep my hair he tells in his free bonus book. My investment to Hair Again book was pennies in comparison to other methods I tried.

In this blog to explain to other people about John Kelby’s book that hopefully will help them to make the right decision whether Hair Again is a right solution.

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